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Aberdare’s Flamosafe Range

Reduced Flame Propagation Cable. FR (Red Stripe)

Designed to reduce spread of fire along a cable tray or duct. The outer serving is manufactured from a flame retardant (FR) grade of PVC.

The Oxygen Index of the PVC is approx 27, ie combustion of the cable will only be maintained if the air contains more than 27 % oxygen. Normal air contains only 21 % oxygen, so the cables will self extinguish when the source of the flame is removed.

These cables are manufactured to SANS 1507, they pass the flame retardant test, IEC 60332 Cat C, SS EN 50266-2-4 or SASS SM 1139 Cat C.

Unfortunately these cables do not burn cleanly, and give off large quantities of gases and smoke when burning.

The PVC contains approx 30% by weight of Chlorine, which is given off during combustion as HC!. (Hydrochloric acid gas.)

Reduced Halogen Flame Retardant Cable LHFR. (Blue Stripe)

When standard PVC compound burns, a large quantity (± 30% by mass) of hydrogen chloride gas is released. This gas is both toxic and corrosive and can cause damage to machinery and people trapped in fire situations.

The low halogen PVC compound used in these cables reduces the emission of hydrogen chloride gas during burning of the cables. (The PVC contains approx 15% by weight of Chlorine.)

These cables are made to SANS 1507, they pass the flame retardant test, IEC 60332 Cat C, SS EN 50266-2-4 or SASS SM 1139 Cat C, and the reduced halogen emission test SASS SM 956. The cables do not burn cleanly and give off smoke and HC!

Non Halogenated, Reduced Smoke Emission and Reduced Flame Propagation Cable. NHLSFR (White Stripe.)

The only way to completely remove hydrogen chloride gas emission from burning cables is to eliminate PVC from the cable construction.

The PVC bedding and outer sheath is replaced by EVA, a material containing no halogen. XLPE is used as a non-halogenated insulation material.

Lotox cables are designed to produce significantly less smoke when burning, and no Chlorine or HCI.

These cables are made to SANS 1507, they will pass the flame retardant test, IEC 60332 Cat C, SS EN 50266-2-4 or SASS SM 1139, and the Smoke density test IEC 61034, BS EN 50268 and SASS SM 1140.

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