Aluminium Conductors


Unity Cables is a leading supplier of aluminium conductor electrical cables in the Johannesburg, South Africa.

Aluminium conductors have achieved wide acceptance allover the world for use in overhead transmission and distribution lines. Generally a steel core is used with the aluminium to give the conductor mechanical strength. This arrangement is termed Aluminium Conductor Steel Reinforced or ACSR. Conductors comprised entirely of aluminium are known as All Aluminium Conductors or MC. These conductors are extensively used for busbars in outdoor substations where spans are short. All Aluminium Alloy Conductors (AAAC) consist of an alloying of aluminium to give a tensile strength in excess of that of MC, allowing longer spans. These conductors are recommended for coastal areas where severe corrosion is a problem.

Hard drawn aluminium in H9 temper is used in both ACSR and MC. High strain steel wire is used in ACSR and this is sometimes protected from corrosion by an appl ication of grease. Such measures are particularly adopted when the conductor is intended for use in aggressive environments as encountered in coastal regions.

We manufacture and distribute a wide range of AAC, ACSR, and AAAC to customers’ requirements or national specifications. The information contained in the following tables relates to the more popular sizes and standards using the following conditions:

  • Ambient Temperature – 30°C
  • Maximum Conductor Temperature – 75°C
  • Wind Speed – 0,44 m/s
  • Normal Stringing Temperature – 25°C
  • Solar Radiation – 0,089 Wcm-2
  • Solar Absorption Coefficient – 1

Sag and Tension charts are available on request. The following information to be supplied:

  1. Span length
  2. Maximum design load (45% of UTS if not specified)
  3. Stringing temperature.
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